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VA – Women’s Vibes Ibiza 2024 [Klaphouse Records]

Miss Malavich – What Did I Do (Extended Mix)
kMina Music – Ai Que Delicia (Extended Mix)
Paula Habchi – Feel Free To Dance (Extended Mix)
AGMA M – Maddy’s Groove (Extended Mix)
Claude (IT) – French Trip (Extended Mix)
Yuli Builes – Sonar (Extended Mix)
Manuela Gandolfo – Ninaimba (Extended Mix)
Des Fine – Ahora Me Veo (Extended Mix)
Charmain Love – Guilty Pleasure (Extended Mix)
Merissa Mahilaa – Tell Me (Extended Mix)
Marta Taddei – Freak On (Extended Mix)
Lena Estetica – Mercy (Extended Mix)
CHIKA (IL) – Emotion (Extended Mix)
Karmina Milojevic – Looking For The Party (Extended Mix)
Sarahrey – Penelope (Extended Mix)
Eli Rojas – El Zoco (Extended Mix)
CHANNE – Material Girl (Extended Mix)
MANDIZ – The Beat Juggler (Extended Mix)
Najwa, Amal Nemer – Kcjodan (Extended Mix)
Micol Azzurro – Pray Har (Extended Mix)
Marien Baker – In The Shape (Extended Mix)
Kriss Bergasa – Eres Mi Furza (Extended Mix)