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VA – Bali Pool Vibes [Kokolores Records]

Rix, Boogie Lights, Rix & Boogie – Sunshine Feel (Original Mix)
Liam Jay – Tell Me Something (Original Mix)
Toy Saint Pons – Do This Funk (Original Mix)
Akeem Raphael – Music And Emotion Through Time (Original Mix)
Brrak – Won’t Let Go (Dan Laino’s Relax By The Pool Mix)
Kaiz (BE) – Still Here (Original Mix)
Fabrizio Leggieri – Boogie Alright (Original Mix)
Maex, Point85 – Your Love (Austins Groove Poolside Mix)
RobinVP – Getting In The Mood (Original Mix)
Dexter Troy – Crazyness (Original Mix)

VA – Houph’s 4th Anniversary [HOUPH]

Stefan Thomas – Back To The Days (Original Mix)
Aleb – It’s Over (Original Mix)
Linossound – Give It Down (Stoned Chicken Underground Mix)
Aulic – Summer Emotions (Original Mix)
Beau Soleil – Room (Original Mix)
Ricky KK – It Feels Good (Original Mix)