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Various Artists – Bigger Bolder Rougher Tougher [Black Riot]

Boogietraxx – Power in Your Hand
Lup Ino – Get Some Rhythm
Rony Breaker – I Feel
Din Jay – Be Free
Borka & The Gang – Make It
Smudged Soul – My Powers
Disco Daddy – If You Try
Harvey Lowe – Where Are We
Mike Sandcastle – Feels so Good
Dave Kurtis – Celebrate This Night
Jose Uceda – Grooved As Funk
Kaiz (BE) – I Don’t Understand
Marshall (UK) – Science
Martina Budde – Heaven (Martina Budde Soulful Mix)
Robbast – Try
Saskin S – You Got 2 Me
Gustavo Fk – Brand New (Extended Mix)
CN Williams – Get Me Alone Tonight